Research Services


Our most requested research method

  • Quantitative-qualitative hybrid research method instantly allows client to see how participants answer questions
  • Up to 100 participants in a session
  • Guided town hall discussion
  • Secure environment to ensure confidentiality
  • Almost any major city in the US
  • Immediate access to raw data
  • Back-2-Back sessions
  • Test out ideas in their infancy through product development, or optimize portfolios based on consumer interest


We modified focus group

  • Eliminates excessive ‘air time’ where groups jump to tangent topics
  • Calming the group dominator and drawing out the timid
  • Quantitative results viewed instantly using Instant-Insight computer devices
  • Efficient way to get side-by-side results from different target markets
  • Most major cities
  • Secure room environments
  • Back-2-Back sessions


  • Improved employee engagement during company meetings, corporate gatherings, and team trainings
  • Snapshot of how well a training is doing allowing for course correction
  • Customized surveys that can be tailored to each team or project
  • Employee feedback when developing new company policies for wide release
  • Understand moral or stress temperature of certain teams
  • Rating new ideas for company development and direction


  • Brings Franchisee and Franchisor into the research to understand business direction, promo and growth strategies
  • The direct data from their consumers creates a natural path to make informed decisions on how to best grow their respective sides of their business
  • Used to test new branding ideas, opportunities, products or services
  • Internally used for company breakouts and Franchisee team trainings


So much more than a boring online survey

  • Facilitator guided research with Recruited & Real people online
  • Interactive session requires participants to be virtually present and participating
  • Flexible question formats create interactive online experience
  • City, Regional, or National test markets
  • Immediate access to raw data
  • Can be used for research or business training purposes